The Empowerment of Wealth is the process of bringing true wealth and optimized financial wealth together to maximize value for current and future generations. The Empowerment of Wealth process is focused on growing, protecting, and perpetuating wealth. The process recognizes that the transfer of true wealth is not focused on material assets, but is centered on family stewardship. Empowered Wealth recognizes values and beliefs regarding true wealth and creates a system for these values to be internalized in the maintenance and availability of financial wealth for future generations.

The Empowered Wealth System® focuses on preserving, protecting, empowering, and perpetuating wealth for the benefit of future generations.

The four areas or quadrants of The Empowered Wealth System® include human assets (people), intellectual assets (knowledge), financial assets (things), and civic assets (charity). The system recognizes that wealth planning, in its proper role, is truly family leadership. It entails a step-by-step process that defines your values regarding true wealth, helps to instill those values in your posterity, and creates a system for the values to be internalized.

Innovative solutions are offered for such issues as responsible wealth distribution, entrepreneurial guidance, creative charitable giving, independent asset protection, estate and gift tax efficiency, and cash flow effectiveness.